Good Evening. After many consultations and meetings, we’ve come to the conclusion that the situation is too complex to manouver around. We see it best to postpone the camp to a later date (hopefully after Ramadhan) when the situation will have hopefully cooled down. Main concerns were among others are;- Some of our doctors are to travel from outside the DIZ and would not be able to return to places of work after camp.- Domestic flights being suspended hinder most of anaesthetist team from travelling.- Requirement of all surgical patients having a Covid neg. test will be impossible to do as the camp starts in 1 day. Also the hospital lacks this test.- Some key members of our surgical team falling ill days to the camp is projected to slow down our productivity during the camp.These among others are our reason to request postponing the camp. *However, it should be noted that as Msaun-Knh we are committed to fulifilling our mandate as agreed earlier to you as partners and to the patients to whom we are commited to serve.*Thank you.*MSAUN-KNH*.

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